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Rhodochrosite - Heart Shaped

Rhodochrosite - Heart Shaped

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Compassion - Unconditional Love - Emotional Healing

Rhodochrosite is a crystal that is used to invoke unconditional love energy and healing. Many of us are drawn to begin our journey with crystals because we have healing that still needs to be done. Healing your energy lays the foundation for spiritual, emotional, and even to a certain extent physical healing as well. Those that are drawn to Rhodochrosite may find that they have been subconsciously avoiding the trauma that needs healing.

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Product Details:

Size: Between 30g - 40g each.

Dimensions: L: 2" x W: 1.5" x H: 0.25"

Origin: Argentina

Chakra: Heart

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance.


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