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Pink Tourmaline - Rough

Pink Tourmaline - Rough

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Pink Tourmaline is known as the stone of unconditional love and compassion. It promotes a deep connection to one's true self, as well as encourages positive transformation and growth in others. This crystal will help you to regain a positive mindset, and aid in healing emotional pain; like heartbreak, grief, depression, anxiety. It has a way of connecting to your heart and emanating your true strength in times of struggle.

Pink Tourmaline will support you on your self love journey and take your healing to the next level. You will feel a sense of calmness and joy, as your worries and fears begin to fade away. This crystal has the potential to open up your heart and act as a protective shield against any negativity from interrupting your energy.

Pink Tourmaline is aligned with the heart chakra, and has even been said to connect with the third eye chakra, the deeper depth of pink you find. This crystal also has many benefits to healing the physical being. It has the ability to help relieve menstrual pain, muscle aches and spasms, arthritis pain and discomfort from menopause. It can provide relief for some skin conditions and irritation, while having positive effects for treating Insomnia by just placing the stone under your pillow while you sleep at night.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pink Tourmaline: 

△ Love

△ Compassion

△ Strength

△ Self-love

△ Calming


Small: Approximately 15g to 25g (1” to 1.5") in size.

Medium: Approximately 25g to 40g (1.5” to 2") in size.

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Root

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance.

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