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Pink Halite - Unique Crystal Specimen #1

Pink Halite - Unique Crystal Specimen #1

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Purification - Alignment - Psychic Clearing

Halite crystals have the ability to cleanse all chakras, making it a great addition to your spiritual practice. Halite is excellent for detoxing the body, mind and soul. It is a strong purifier of energies and environments. It is highly recommended to incorporate Halite in the creation of your meditation area or room.

Halite is often used to promote health and wellness; its detoxing abilities make it especially interesting for anyone who suffers from intestinal or metabolic health issues. The purifying abilities of Halite make it useful for anyone with skin conditions or respiratory issues. 

Learn more: Halite Properties & Meaning

Product Details:

This piece weighs 692 grams (1.52 lbs)

Dimensions: H: 2.75” x L: 7” x W: 4.25"

Origin: USA

Chakra: Universal, Heart

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