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Orange Calcite - Semi Polished Crystal Generator

Orange Calcite - Semi Polished Crystal Generator

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Orange Calcite is pure sunshine in crystal form. This crystal has ultra positive vibes, helping you to create a space full of happy and joyful energy. Orange Calcite is a great stone for creative types to have in their work space as it encourages new ideas and gets those creative juices flowing. Don't be surprised if the crystal sparks a fire within you, Orange Calcite is known for giving off it's strong passionate vibrations!

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

△ Joy

△ Happiness

△ Balance

△ Empowerment

△ Creativity

△ Encouragement 



Small - 250g - 300g (2.5” to 3") in size.

Large - 500g to 600g (3” to 4") in size.

Origin: Mexico

Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance.

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