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Indigo Aura Quartz - Unique Specimen #1

Indigo Aura Quartz - Unique Specimen #1

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Indigo Aura Quartz is a crystal that unlocks your psychic abilities and intuition. This is a crystal that is all about lifting your conscious being into a space where you can begin to connect with Spirit and come into your power.

The energy of Indigo Aura Quartz is simple but effective - AWAKEN YOUR THIRD EYE. Find out who you really are and why your soul picked this life to incarnate. 

Metaphysical Properties of Indigo Aura Quartz: 

△ Spiritual Connection

△ Reveal Psychic Abilities

△ Awakens the Third Eye Chakra

△ Past Life Work

Product Details:

Weight: 233 grams (0.51 lb)

Dimensions: L: 2” W: 2.5” H: 2.5”

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye 

Please Note: This is a natural quartz crystal that has been coated in order to produce this appearance.
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