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Crystallize: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing

Crystallize: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing

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Rock your world, add sparkle to every day, and ultimately Crystallize your life.

Following on from the best-selling Crystals, this mesmeric guide will lead you on a spiritual journey through the properties of 50 unique crystals. From discovering which crystals spark joy, to following the crystal rainbow to that magical pot of enlightenment, you''ll absorb the energy to enhance every aspect of your life. Whether rain or shine, work or play, Christmas time or Easter, let Yulia show you how these captivating clusters will make every day better.

With chakras aligned, energy flowing and stones cleansed, there are no limits to the power you can harness when you Crystallize.



Title: Crystallize: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 144 pages, 7.42 X 6.76 X 0.8 in

Published: May 12, 2020

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing c/o Chronicle Books

Language: English

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