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Chocolate Calcite - Unique Slab #3

Chocolate Calcite - Unique Slab #3

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Grounding - Energizing - Stability - Awareness

Experience the soothing and grounding energy of Chocolate Calcite with our tumbled stones. These beautiful stones feature a rich, chocolatey brown color and a smooth, polished surface that feels great to hold and work with.

Chocolate Calcite has been said to be helpful in breaking negative patterns. Whether it is a toxic behavior, habit, or even a relationship, this stone will empower you, and help to ground you. Chocolate Calcite will guide you to energy that will provide comfort, warmth and contentment wherever you may find it. It assists in reducing fears and stress, and brings focus to your surroundings. 


This piece weighs 219 grams.

Dimensions: L: 5" x W: 3.5" x H: 0.25"

Origin: Pakistan

Chakra: Root

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