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Blue Agate Crystal Bookends #3

Blue Agate Crystal Bookends #3

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This set of Blue Agate bookends are a beautiful way to add crystal energy to any bookshelf. This geode has been split perfectly in half, highly polished in order to create a set of glossy, high vibe Blue Agate pieces that will bring healing energy and raise the vibration of your home. 

Blue Agate is a crystal that is associated with emotional healing, and soothing emotional pain. This crystal can be especially helpful for those that experience anxiety, particularly anxiety associated with relationships or social situations.

Learn More: Blue Agate Properties & Meaning

Product Details: 

This set of bookends weighs 2000 grams (4.4 lb)

Dimensions: H: 4" x L: 5.5" x W: 2.5" 

These bookends are sold as a set - both pieces have been measured and weighed together.

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Throat 

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