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Black Onyx - Rough

Black Onyx - Rough

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Black Onyx is a crystal used to absorb and redirect negative and hostile energy. This stone is highly protective, and acts as an energetic shield against all kinds of unfavourable energy that may find its way to you. Black Onyx can help to release any trauma that may be deep rooted and effect your decision making or self control abilities.

For those that work in high conflict or high trauma work environments such as social services, mental health care, medical health care, criminal justice or corrections, Black Onyx can help block the emotional drain that often occurs in those fields. Black Onyx may help you to remain clear headed and focused, even when presented with clients, patients (or even co-workers!) who bring chaotic energy into your space.

Black Onyx may be a huge asset to empaths. Empaths must be careful not to absorb too much from those around them. When emotions and energy are flying high, an empath takes all of it on – whether they intend to or not. When Black Onyx is around, it becomes the beacon and will absorb all the energy you didn’t really want anyway!

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Black Onyx:

△ Decision Making

△ Energy Protection

△ Trauma

△ Clarity

△ Self Control

△ Focus



Small - 10g to 15g (1”)

Medium - 50g  to 75g  (1.5” to 2")

Large - 300g to 700g (2" to 4")

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Root

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance.

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