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Aphrodite - Goddess of Love Statuary

Aphrodite - Goddess of Love Statuary

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The Greek Goddess Aphrodite

One legend tells us that the Goddess of Love and Beauty, daughter of Zeus, rose from the sea foam just off the coast of Cyprus. This goddess has been known by many names over the course of history, but her energy has remained very much the same. Aphrodite’s energy is characterized by being strong, sensuous, innately female, confident, powerful, and fearless.

When we think of Aphrodite we might picture a woman with flowing hair, perfect features and the ideal body, but her power is in more than just her outward appearance. Aphrodite draws her power from within; she is fearless in the pursuit of her desires, and is an absolute force to be reckoned with. This goddess gives love freely, but definitely does not let any mistreatment go unpunished!

Feel the presence of the goddess Aphrodite by adorning your altar with this statue in her likeness. May Aphrodite help you to manifest your fierce goddess energy!


Cold Cast Resin Statue Figurine

Height: 12"


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