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Angel Aura Quartz - Unique Specimen #4

Angel Aura Quartz - Unique Specimen #4

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Happiness - Hope - Uplifting - Guardian Angels - Joy

Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal that has been heat treated with a special metal coating to create a beautiful iridescent rainbow appearance. This is a crystal that is all about sending out those uplifting, joyful vibrations and taking your conscious being to the next level.

If you are searching for hope, a new beginning, or just a dash of excitement, Angel Aura Quartz will be the light you desire.

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Product Details:

Weight: 290 grams (0.64 lb)

Dimensions: L: 4.5" x W: 2.5” x H: 2.5”

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Please Note: This is a natural quartz crystal that has been coated in order to produce this appearance.
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