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Abalone Shell - Tumbled

Abalone Shell - Tumbled

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Abalone shells have a long history of being used in many different spiritual practices. The mother-of-pearl lining of these shells are an exquisitely beautiful example of Mother Nature’s handiwork.

The shell of the Abalone represent protection - the hard exterior shell protected the Abalone within for a long time, and it will continue to serve up it’s protective energy to you!

As a creature of the ocean, Abalone also represents a connection to the element of water. Use your piece of Abalone as a talisman when you need to feel close to the ocean.

The thick, non-descript outer shell of the Abalone gIves way to the masterpiece of mother-of-pearl within, telling us the story of transformation - just waiting to be seen for the beauty that lies within. 

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Abalone:

△ Deep Soul Healing

△ Protection

△ Connection to the Elements

△ Personal Development 

△ Dispels Negative Energy

△ Serenity


Approximately 3g to 5g (1/2" to 1") in size.

Origin: Philippines 

Chakra: Root

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