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A Year of Flowers: A Journal of Daily Wisdom

A Year of Flowers: A Journal of Daily Wisdom

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Discover a year of flowers for love, wisdom, healing, and passion. This beautiful daily journal is fully illustrated throughout, inspiring your daily thoughts and reflections.

A year of flowers is filled with botanical messages and wisdom to help you understand the energies of each day of the year as seen through the eyes of nature. The flowers invite you to look ahead with insight, behind with deeper understanding, and face today with joy, knowing, and strength. Daily messages in the journal convey meaning inspired by the Victorian age when it was believed that properly arrange bouquets, floral poetry, and associated definitions conveyed secret messages.

As you begin to work with A Year of Flowers, you will notice the hidden healing energies of nature that lift your spirit and inspire your creative senses.

Product Details:

Title: A Year of Flowers: A Journal of Daily Wisdom

Author: Cheralyn Darcey

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 384 pages

Published: August 1, 2022

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

Language: English

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