Manifestation Crystal Series with Vika Bradford - Week #2 - Pyrite

Citrine is the second crystal in the Manifestation Crystal Series by Vika Bradford. Last week we worked with Citrine, read more about it here. Vika Bradford is Mindset Coach located in the Okanagan, BC, who focuses on discovery, manifestation and healing. 


Abundance, Will Power, and Grounding.

Manifestation is its own serious magic, but lucky for us there are some beautiful tools in the world to help us enhance our practice. Crystal Magic is one of the most simple ways to begin to enhance your life and begin manifest on a major level. Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be sharing with you my top crystals I use to manifest my goals and desires with. 

This week I’ll be talking about the intense magic of Pyrite.




It took me some years of working with Crystal Magic to hear the call of Pyrite. I had a Pyrite sphere sitting around for quite a while before I felt the urge to start working with this protective and soothing stone. Pyrite is connected to the Solar Plexus and governs Manifestation through action and willpower. It is also heavily tied to the root chakra, as its energy is so earthy and grounding. This is a stone of serious motivation and inspiration. Pyrite will create the step of inspired action within your manifestation process. If you’re ready to stop sitting around visualizing your dreams and begin to take action toward them then it’s time to start using pyrite in your daily practice.

Also, if you’re prone to panic attacks or anxiety (usually due to excess amounts of solar plexus energy) Pyrite is my number one selection to ground. When I feel a panic attack creeping in, I always reach for my Pyrite to soothe and soften the energy. Pyrite will dissipate the excess energy throughout the body, causing a sense of calm and peace within. This stone will protect you always.




Ways to Work With Pyrite:

Keep it On You: Pyrite is a stone you want to be touching your skin when working with it. There is a soothing magic that comes from contact with your Pyrite. Hiding a piece in your pocket (or your bra, if you’re like me and most other crystal loving ladies I know) is a simple way of harnessing this energy of inspiration and action.

Sleep: I sleep with my Pyrite almost every night. Whenever I feel slightly anxious or like there is too much energy within me, I actually hold my pyrite in my hand while I sleep. I know the nights when I am completely ungrounded because I will wake up still holding the stone. Usually, I’ll let go of the stone while I sleep. Pyrite invites a soothing and peaceful nights sleep.

Solar Plexus Work: For an overactive or an under active solar plexus chakra rest your Pyrite on your solar plexus and begin to breathe into space where it sits. If there is too much energy in the solar plexus Pyrite will disperse this energy through the energetic body. If there is too little energy in the solar plexus, Pyrite will invite a healthy dose of energy into the body.

Visualization: Meditation and visualize your goals, dreams, and desires using your Pyrite. This stone will inspire you and help you discover inspired action toward your dreams. When these inspired ideas appear, go for them. Don’t hesitate! Pyrite's energy is of deep, grounded, protective magic. Trust in its ability to guide you. Let Pyrite be your new Manifestation partner in crime. Bond deeply with your Pyrite stone, and it will grant you the same courtesy. Remember to cleanse your Pyrite often!

manifestation crystal pouch
Photo courtesy of Vika Bradford.

Let us know if you’ve worked with Pyrite in the past in the comments below! We love to hear your feedback.

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