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Garnet - Unique Ring #1 | Love + Lark

Garnet - Unique Ring #1 | Love + Lark

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Garnet has also been known to improve awareness through the stimulation of all of the bodies’ senses and the heart and root chakras. The awareness brought to an individual by the metaphysical power of Garnet can bring about past life recall as well as feelings of great passion. This ring features 3 genuine garnet gemstone cabochons set in a bohemian style .925 silver ring.  This is a One of a Kind piece!

Benefits & Properties of Garnet:

△ Rejuvenation

△ Life Force Energy

△ Uplifting

△ Awareness

△ Trauma

△ Confidence


Each of the centre stones is approximately 6 mm x 6 mm in size.

- Genuine Garnet Gemstones

- One of a Kind Piece

- Size 8.5

- .925 Silver

- Made in India

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