Collection: Apophyllite

Often used in Reiki practices, Apophyllite is the crystal of relaxation and relieving anxieties.

If you are someone who suffers from constant anxiety, worry, or fear, then Apophyllite is the crystal for you. Apophyllite is an excellent source of calming energy that can drastically change the vibration of your environment.

Apophyllite helps with cleansing the body and regulating basic bodily functions like heartbeat, breathing and metabolism. It can release the mind of any suppressed thoughts or emotions and helps to alleviate anguish and fear. Apophyllite promotes the mindset of living in the moment, letting go of the past and not wasting precious energy worrying about the future.

Combatting stressful feelings can be very difficult and Apophyllite's energy helps to apply a childlike wonder to all the areas of your life, bringing a sense of true happiness and harmony to your mind. Apophyllite is a crystal that is good to have when one is facing any big life decisions or transitions.

Apophyllite is also a crystal of reflection. It is very useful for reflecting on one’s own thoughts and actions and correcting negative thoughts or cycles. It is an introspective stone that promotes a bright and positive aura.