Quartz: The Crystal of Clarity

Quartz - The Crystal of Clarity

Clear Quartz: The Crystal of Clarity

Zodiac: All

Goddesses: Gaia, Kundalini, Latona

Element: Universal


Clear Quartz is the mother of all crystals. This crystal has been used all over the globe since ancient times, and has always been regarded as sacred. Without a doubt one of the most recognizable crystals, Clear Quartz has an unparalleled healing energy.

Considered a master healer, Clear Quartz is also a universal chakra crystal and can amplify energy to gently unblock any chakra that may need some work.

Clarity is one of the properties of Clear Quartz that makes it such an important crystal to work with. Any time we are practicing energy work whether it is reiki, manifestation, or even meditation, we first need to be able to clear away negative energy and emotions that might hinder our work.

Negative energy can be so heavy that it is nearly impossible to do any positive energy work without first clarifying and cleansing away that negativity.


Quartz - Crystal of Clarity


Clear Quartz can help you to be clear in your intentions, narrow down your goals, and focus on your truth. Clear Quartz can help you to create channels of communication with Spirit, as it has a gentle way of connecting you to your Spirit guides and angels. This crystal is highly programmable with affirmations; and is easily imbued with your positive energy.

Those who suffer from physical ailments relating to the circulatory and immune systems may find Clear Quartz especially helpful in detoxification of their bodies. Clear Quartz is also associated with the digestive tract, kidneys and bladder.


Quartz - Crystal of Clarity


Programming Your Crystals:

  1. Cleanse your crystals using your preferred method: Moonlight, sunlight, a saltwater bath (For water safe crystals only. Check before you bathe your crystals!), or smudging with sage.
  2. Hold your crystals in your hands, envision your energy becoming one with your chosen crystal.
  3. Repeat a positive affirmation, such as “This crystal is of the highest vibration, it will bring me to the light and help me to heal and release any negative energies that may have found me or may find me.”
  4. Allow your positive energy to wash over your body and penetrate your crystal.
  5. Each crystal can hold a different program or affirmation.
  6. Cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly.


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