Manifestation Crystal Series with Vika Bradford - Week #5 - Aragonite

Aragonite is the fifth crystal in the Manifestation Crystal Series by Vika Bradford. Last week we worked with Rhodonite, read more about it here. Vika Bradford is Mindset Coach located in the Okanagan, BC, who focuses on discovery, manifestation and healing. Find out more about Vika, and her work at 

Stability, Responsibility, Courage

As we move on through our 8 weeks of Manifestation Magic, we come to a stone I’ve recently started working with. The ever so steady and stable Aragonite. Aragonite is packed full of great qualities to help you take your Manifestation practice to the next level.

The minute I started bonding with my Aragonite from my Crystal RX Manifestation pouch I instantly felt more inspired and had an intense desire to hold myself accountable for getting things done. This is another stone to help you take inspired action. The stable energy of Aragonite will help you feel relaxed and stress-free as you begin to work on projects, old or new. Say goodbye to procrastination as you work with this powerful crystal, it’s energies simply won't allow it. Reliability comes hand in hand with these stone as well, so it’s great to kick off your business ventures.

Aragonite also offers up patience on a silver platter. Great for those of us who want our Manifestations to surface immediately, forgetting about the laws of the universe. These things take time, patience and work. And most of all, Manifestation takes trust. Lean on your Aragonite to offer you that energy of stability, responsibility, and courage.


Crystal RX: Manifestation


The yellow hue of your Aragonite stone from offers another deep connection to the Sacral and Solar Plexus charka inviting in the energy of creation and action. Perfect for Manifesting your greatest goals and desires.

A key to Manifestation is trust, and another is taking action. Aragonite ties the two together so that you may begin to harness that energy for your goals, dreams, and desires. 




Ways to Use Aragonite: 

Calm the Chaos: How can you expect to Manifest magic if you’re stuck in the chaos of your own mind? I get it, my mind likes to run a mile a minute. Use your Aragonite to calm down from the chaos, and soften into the energy of understanding the patterns of your mind. Aragonite will offer you a clear channel for that excess energy. Invite the energy of your Aragonite into your solar plexus, and allow the energy to dissipate through the body upward to the sky and down into the earth.

Work With It: To maintain energy and vitality while working, keep your Aragonite in your pocket or close to your body. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to stay focused, or hustling in your 9-5. Aragonite will keep you focused, alert and ready to take on anything. This is a stone of energy, discipline, and reliability. It’s a crystal to get shit done!

Sleep with it: We all know by now that I’m a huge fan of sleeping with my crystals under my pillow. Sleep with your Aragonite to sort out any issues regarding your lack of focus, responsibility and or restlessness. Pay close attention to your dreams and note what comes up each night you work with your Aragonite. Be aware of working through those energies each day with your stone.

Inspired Action Visualization: Laying down place your Aragonite on your solar plexus. Close your eyes and begin to breathe into the energy of the stone. Allow your breath to be steady, full and calm. See yourself inviting in the energy of the stone, allowing yourself to blend with it. Begin to see one or all of your dreams, desires, and goals unfold in your mind's eye. Allow your breath, the energy of Aragonite and your desires to melt together. Continue this exercise until you're called not to any longer (you’ll know.)



It’s easy to begin to bond with your Aragonite. Allow it’s uplifting energy to lighten, soften and strengthen parts of you.

Let us know how you’ll work with your Aragonite in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

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