Manifestation Crystal Series with Vika Bradford - Week #4 - Rhodonite

Rhodonite is the fourth crystal in the Manifestation Crystal Series by Vika Bradford. Last week we worked with Howlite, read more about it here. Vika Bradford is Mindset Coach located in the Okanagan, BC, who focuses on discovery, manifestation and healing.

Self-love, Self Discovery, and Heart Healing

As we dive a little deeper into our Manifestation bags, we find ourselves gripping Rhodonite. Rhodonite is a powerful stone of the heart. This stone helps heals deep wounds from the past allowing you to elevate your vibration. It’s nurturing energy inspires self-love and self-care, one of the most important aspects of manifestation. When you can begin to heal your past hurt, you can begin to create a new subconscious blueprint for your life. This powerful stone will allow you to restore your heart while inspiring your truest passions to unfold before your eyes. 

Your heart is your most powerful guide, and a guide you must begin to tune in with to begin manifesting on a massive scale. Rhodonite’s power can be harnessed to allow you to tap into your full potential, understand your true gifts and begin to use them toward your purpose. 

It is also a stone of community and collective. It inspires generosity of spirit, and a craving to create a Kula (or community of the heart). Beginning to work with its soothing energy will find you inspired to deepen your friendships and relationships, as well as working through those stuck and or sticky pains of the past.

I chose to work deeply with Rhodonite at the beginning of my crystal healing journey with no true intentions. The stone called to me over and over when I visited crystal shops until one day I finally took a piece of it home with me. It’s funny because when I first worked with its energies I felt a major shift in my heart chakra. I noticed immense healing of past wounds I had hidden from the world. My heart began to open gently, as I worked through my pride and ego. I hadn’t noticed the power of Rhodonite until I recently started working with its energies again. I noticed how much of an impact this stone has actually had on me over the years. I began sleeping with it under my pillow once again, and each night my dreams work out pass wounds on a subconscious level.


Ways to Use Rhodonite:

Sleep: It always comes back to sleep with me because I feel it’s the easiest way to allow crystals to deeply dance with our energies. When we sleep we allow our need for control to release and the crystals energy can really begin to penetrate our aura. Sleep with Rhodonite under your pillow and allow your dreams to deliver the messages through the night. Get a dream journal and jot down what you can remember in the morning. Don’t worry if you can’t remember your dreams, Rhodonite is still doing its job. However, if you’re dreaming vividly note any people, places or feelings that may come up in the dream. Note that often we dream of people from our pasts because our minds cannot create new people in a dream. The dream may be about this person, but it may also just be about what this person represents to you. In these dreams you will often notice what you are lacking in the real world, offering you the chance to heal those wounds.

Bath time: There is nothing more soothing than a crystal bath. Rhodonite is an extremely hard stone so it’s perfect for dropping in a hot bath with you. The energies will be amplified by the water. Allow your heart chakra to be sooth, while your root is grounded by the bonus root energy of Rhodonite.

Keep it On You: While working through deep emotional wounds, grieving or just working with discovering your gifts keep a piece of Rhodonite close by. This stone will never quit working with you, inspiring you and bringing healing into your life.

Heart Chakra Visualization: To Manifest your dreams, goals, and desires you must have an open and trusting heart. Open to allowing you to flow with the current of the universe. To receive love, you must give love. To receive abundance, you must give abundance. To receive healing, you must want to be healed. Visualize healing your heart either through guided meditations or in silence. Be gentle as you work with healing your heart, it often carries heavy wounds. Visualize these wounds healing through forgiveness, compassion, and self-love. Allow your Rhodonite to guide your energy inward, as it enhances your capacity for healing and love. The grounding and nurturing energy of Rhodonite is the perfect companion for heart chakra work.

Journal: Journal with your Rhodonite asking questions regarding your gifts, purpose and requesting clarity behind your manifestations. Rhodonite’s energy will help provide the answers from within.

Anxiety and Stress: Rhodonite has an extremely grounding quality about it, as well as a heart healing quality. Manifestation always comes from a calm, centered and abundant mindset. When you are feeling anxious and need self-love reach for your Rhodonite to come back to center. Pivot your thoughts toward your body, and focus on what you want instead of what you do not.


Photo courtesy of Vika Bradford.

Understanding your gifts, and your purpose makes for a powerful accelerator for Manifestation. Gaining greater clarity will allow you to up-level your life, as you discover how your passions can positively impact the world around you. Enhance this healing by pairing it with your Rhodonite.

How will you first work with Rhodonite? Let us know in the comments below.

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