Properties and Meaning of Blue Onyx

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Properties of Blue Onyx


Origin: Mexico
Chakra: Throat


Intro to Blue Onyx


Blue doesn’t have to be your colour – and the properties of Blue Onyx will help you to keep that true!

Blue Onyx helps to relieve stress and balance emotions, which is the first step in ridding yourself of negative energy that can cause sour moods to linger. Negative energy gets in the way of attracting happiness and fulfillment into your life, so it's time to banish the bad vibes for good!

Blue Onyx is a crystal heavily associated with the mind and mental capabilities, and it has a calming energy that will help you to keep control over racing thoughts and will support you in times of difficulty or chaos.

The strength and stability you need to overcome emotional issues or mental fatigue can be found when you work with the high vibrational energy of Blue Onyx.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Blue Onyx:

△ Emotional Balance

△ Support

△ Calm

△ Relieve Stress

△ Self Control

△ Strength





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