Properties and Meaning of Blue Agate

Blue Agate


Properties of Blue Agate


Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Throat


Intro to Blue Agate

Blue Agate is a crystal that is associated with emotional healing, and soothing emotional pain. This crystal can be especially helpful for those that experience anxiety, particularly anxiety associated with relationships or social situations.

Blue Agate is used most often for working with many aspects of communication and relationship building such as truth, honesty, and courage. Blue Agate can encourage emotional regulation, which can be a barrier to maintaining successful relationships.

If you are experiencing difficulties trusting or feeling secure in the loyalty of those around you, Blue Agate will help guide you in the direction of the truth.

Blue Agate is said to be the stone of the stars, and it is known for its helpfulness when doing astrological work. Blue Agate may allow for astrological messages to become more apparent.


Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Blue Agate:

△ Communication

△ Astrology Work

△ Soothe Emotions

△ Patience

△ Trust

△ Loyalty


 Blue Agate

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