Black Agate 

Black Agate

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Root


Intro to Black Agate

In yoga there is a saying, “Root down to rise up”, which is basically the energy we get from Black Agate!

Black Agate is a crystal associated with the Root Chakra. This crystal is helpful in maintaining a peaceful environment, clearing out any unwanted negativity energy that might be lingering. Black Agate will help you to keep your energy grounded and find peace - even in times of utter chaos.

Being grounded, or the act of consciously grounding your energy is just another way of saying that your energy is stable… that you’ve created a solid foundation in which you’ve found a balance between positive and negative energies.

In order to really find growth, we first need to feel secure in our roots. Black Agate can help you navigate through trauma and grief, especially during the loss of a loved one or major life changes. The energy of Black Agate helps you to invoke your inner strength to overcome challenges, no matter what aspect of your life those challenges manifest in, or how long you’ve been struggling with them.

Black Agate, like many other Root Chakra stones, can be used to both release negative energy and call in positive, peaceful energy. When you are grounded you are better able to regulate your emotions and feel secure in yourself.

New vibe, new you.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Black Agate:

△ Grounding

△ Energy Protection

△ Courage

△ Success

△ Overcome Fears

△ Clears Bad Luck


Black Agate

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