Winter Solstice: Banish the Darkness, Invoke the Light


Written By: Vika Bradford

The Winter Solstice arrives this year on December 21st, aligning with major astrological transits such as the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, and the sun moving into Capricorn.

It’s officially time to celebrate our awakening as we step into the age of Aquarius. 

The word solstice means “sun standing still” as for a brief moment in the sky the sun seems to come to a halt as we transition from Sagittarius energy into Capricorn. The Winter Solstice is the moment when the night is the longest, and the day is the shortest. In ancient times it was a pivotal guidance moment to celebrate the returning of the light. 

There is a call to begin to connect back in with ancient magics, and with that call we find ourselves tuning more and more into the cycles of life. 

The cycles of the moon, the cycles of being human, and the cycles of nature. 

Winter brings the energy inward into a hibernation state. It is a time to go inward, reflect, and let what needs to die be released into the earth, and what needs to quiet for a season find solitude so that it may grow back stronger when spring comes. The winter solstice is a time to celebrate and release all we have discovered in the darkness, and begin to call in the light once again. As the darkness has been slowly gaining upon us, so it comes to a deeply reflective state regarding what we have experienced through the seasonal cycles of the year. Energy is turned inward, and we go into a more yin like state. And though this state of yin energy will remain as we dive into the depth and heart of winter, the Winter Solstice offers a glimpse of the light that is on the horizon. Like a flame in a dark room, it guides us to our destination. 

This Winter Solstice we are experiencing pivotal energies we have not experienced in thousands of years. No human living on this earth has ever met energies like this before, and with this shift comes the ushering in of the Age of Aquarius. We have been living in an earth cycle for over 200 years, and now entering an air cycle. We are experiencing the destruction of old traditions, the reinsurance of lost traditions, and the birth of New Earth. 

As the sun’s energy moves from expansive Sagittarius into serious Capricorn, again, we are guided into a time of inward reflection. Sagittarius seeks to expand, play, and be free. Capricorn seeks to build, sustain, and succeed. As we dive into this Capricorn energy you will naturally be prompted to review your goals, your journey, and the foundation you have built yourself this year. 

This powerful transition into Aquarius energy from Jupiter and Saturn mark a time of moving from the old traditions (Capricorn) into New Earth (Aquarius) and so moving forward we must allow the old to fall away, even when it’s uncomfortable, which death always is. In order for New Earth to be born, there must be space from releasing our attachments to what once was. Harness faith (Jupiter) and patience (Saturn) through this transitional period. When releasing the old we are banishing the darkness, and invoking the light. And so, let this Winter Solstice be a time of releasing, shedding, banishing, cutting chords, and filling those now empty spaces with light, love, and hope. 

Before we return to light here are is a ritual to tune in this Winter Solstice:

Ritual - Banish the Darkness, Invoke the Light.

Suggested Items in the Spirit Gypsy Winter Solstice Bundle:

  • Sage Smudge
  • Palo Santo
  • Abalone Shell 
  • Raw Quartz point
  • Black Obsidian 
  • Citrine
  • Black Agate 
  • Matches or a Lighter 
  • A journal/Notebook
  • Paper to burn
  • Candle/Candles 
  • Twinkle lights if you have them! (Bring in as much warm and soothing light as you can) 

Step 1: Set up your sacred space where you will not be disturbed. You can do this ritual alone, invite in loved ones, or anyone else who you wish to invite into your ritual. Make sure you’re comfortable, supported, and have all of your supplies. Find a playlist that calms and relaxes you. I personally like to work with sound/chakra frequencies for rituals. 

Step 2: Using your Abalone shell to catch any ash, light your sage to cleanse the energy, and hold the black tourmaline and black agate (or any other black crystals you have), and meditate and journal on all the darkness you transmuted into light this year. Using the single piece of paper to do this write down the wounds you have been healing. The chords you have cut, or are currently working on releasing. Then meditate and journal on the darkness you wish to transmute into light. This could be fears, doubts, worry, habits, toxic traits, illness, disease, or anything no longer serving you on your journey. This could also be global darkness you wish to transmute into light. Let it freely flow from you onto paper until you’ve spilled your last drop of release.

Step 3: Take some time to visualize now. Envision the negative energy you are releasing as a black spider web through your physical and energetic body. See yourself dusting all these spider webs off into one ball of black cob Webbs. Now envision yourself releasing all of this darkness into Mother Earth with the support of your crystals. See it dropping down through the soil, the earth's crust, deep into the core of Mother Earth. And this is important, remember to thank the sage and mother earth for receiving what you have released! 

Step 4: Fill all the spaces you saw cleared from negative energy with light pouring through the top of your head into your entire energetic and physical body. 

Step 5: Light the Palo Santo wood to call in new energy and good fortune, and hold the citrine and green aventurine (or any crystals to call in positive energy) and meditate and journal on all the light you wish to see and call into your life and into the world around you. Take time to visualize in your meditation New Earth. How does it feel? What does it look like? Who are you with? And truly write the details you envision down as if it was already here (because it is!) Down to the very last detail of your visualization. See the negative energy released as the light infuses the old stagnant energy shifting into new.

Step 6: Place your intentions and visualization under the crystals you are called to for 30 days. Burn the paper with what you are releasing, banishing, and transmuting into light in the Abalone shell (safely!) Thank Mother Earth, your guides, spirit for this process.
Use this day as a beautiful moment to slow down, tune in, and truly connect with your spirit as we move forward into a truly new world.


Sending so much love, 
Vika Bradford