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What is Pink Amethyst?

Pink Amethyst is a natural Amethyst color variation that comes from a deposit found only in Patagonia, Argentina. Pink Amethyst gets its color from Hematite inclusions found within the crystal structure itself. Basically Pink Amethyst is a just a very rare form of Amethyst. We don't yet know how many Pink Amethyst specimens will be found, which could mean very limited availability in the future. 

Because of how rare it is, Pink Amethyst can be considerably more expensive than regular Amethyst, and the price of Pink Amethyst is likely only going to increase as the deposit is depleted. As more and more Pink Amethyst specimens make their way into private collections, they will begin to become even more rare than they already are!

Meaning of Pink Amethyst

Just like its purple Amethyst sister - Pink Amethyst is associated with spirit, spiritual connection and opening the Third Eye Chakra. The meaning of Pink Amethyst is also closely connected to matters of the heart. The properties of Pink Amethyst include helping to heal generational wounds and trauma by creating a connection between spirit and the heart. 

Amethyst is known for its ability to create peaceful energy, and luckily Pink Amethyst also holds this ability. Pink Amethyst also has properties which include developing your intuition, unlocking your Third Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra, as well as making a connection with your ancestral spirit guides. 


Pink Amethyst Crystal Clusters

Healing Properties of Pink Amethyst

The healing energy of Pink Amethyst finds you in that beautiful middle ground between spirit and heart. Pink Amethyst will help you to heal any Heart Chakra wound that you may have been holding onto. The energy of Pink Amethyst can help you to break down your walls and begin to process any emotional wounds you may have been struggling with.

One of the most complex Heart Chakra blockages can include intimacy wounds. Pink Amethyst lends both its healing, as well as its calming nature as you begin to work through those traumas which have kept your Heart Chakra closed.

Allow Pink Amethyst to connect you with your spirit guides and be guided through any healing that you have been seeking. The properties of Pink Amethyst will help you to face any relationship issues that you may have with peace, tranquility, and healing. 



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Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pink Amethyst:

△ Love
△ Healing Generational Trauma
△ Tranquility
△ Peace
△ Spiritual Connection
△ Intuition


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