Manifestation Crystal Series with Vika Bradford - Week #8 - Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is the eighth and final crystal in the Manifestation Crystal Series by Vika Bradford. Last week we worked with Lapis Lazuli, read more about it here. Vika Bradford is a Mindset Coach located in the Okanagan, BC, who focuses on discovery, manifestation and healing. Find out more about Vika, and her work at 


Expression, Empowerment, and Teaching. 

I cannot believe we are at the end of our 8-week series already. It’s been a whirlwind of crystal magic and I’m so happy to wrap it up with the calming and expressive energy of Chrysocolla.  

Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal with the ability to allow you to see and express the best abilities within you. It brings clarity to the mind, as it soothes and calms you. In this clarity, a great knowing and acceptance of your best self are expressed. It also has a powerful knack for allowing your truth to surface at the right time, for your spiritual journey (and who doesn’t love that?).

Chrysocolla asks you to reveal your highest knowledge so that you may better uplift those around you. This stone inspires you to be a lighthouse as you shine your brilliance into the world, allowing others to radiate toward your magnetic energy. It literally oozes with the power of up-leveling your manifestation skills. To remain in alignment one must be calm, and Chrysocolla provides just that dose of calm to your daily life. It is in this state of calm that you can begin to understand and unwrap the deepest layers of who you really are. Through calm and open communication of the mind, body and soul is where true alignment is found. And as you know, to be an epic manifestation king or queen it’s important to stay in this alignment.



This stone will assist you on your journey inward toward finding the deepest nuggets of truth and wisdom within your soul. Manifestation doesn’t work because you’re asking for a shiny new car, it works because you’re asking for something that is so in alignment with your own eternal being that the universe will move heaven and earth to provide you with the desire. In truth, we don’t choose our desires, our desires choose us. So with this inner wisdom, you can expand your mind to better understand what it is you want and need.

Chrysocolla also brings an emphasis to our words and actions, two of Manifestations key elements. As you know by now, if you’ve been keeping up with the series, our thoughts and words become things. Inspired action is what will repel our desires, goals, and dreams into reality. With Chrysocolla as your sidekick through your manifestation journey, your energy will be heightened, in turn leveling up your words and actions.

This is also a stone of the heart, bringing with it an epic up-leveling in the compassion department. Compassion for yourself, compassion for those around you, and definitely compassion for the collective. One major point of Manifestation you need to know is that it works best when you are serving the collective. When your desires come from a place of serving and giving, the universe will stamp it will a big old “Hell Yes!” When our desires are coming from a selfish standpoint they are less likely to Manifest as rapidly or easily.

With compassion pairs forgiveness, this stone is centred around the heart chakra (as well as the throat chakra, but we’ll get there soon.) Forgiveness, peace, and a focus on emotions is heightened by this beautiful crystal. Forgiveness is a gateway drug to Manifestation, if I haven’t mentioned it before. Forgiving that which upsets you, rattles your cage or wounds from the past, can allow you to step closer that alignment of self thereby magnifying your energy. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Your heart chakra will thank you for it, softening you and allowing you to move closer to a state of peace. As you move into this state of balance, your heart will be more able to communicate it’s deepest desires without fear of judgment.

As stated Chrysocolla is also a stone that hype focused on the throat chakra asking you to really get clear in your communication, be honest about your authentic desires, and stop hiding behind whatever mask you have placed on your beautiful face. To openly communicate is to find true freedom. And in that freedom, there is power as you step closer toward what you truly want in this life. They say “speak it, and it is done."

The cherry on top of working with such a powerhouse of a stone like Chrysocolla is that this stone is also a powerful generator or prosperity as it heightens your business sense, removes negativity and softens anxiety and fear. The soothing calm energy will help you step onto unknown paths and take chances. It is a well-needed reminder that you are divinely supported. 



Ways to Work with Chrysocolla:

Sleep With It: Chrysocolla brings it’s calming and soothing nature into your sleep cycle. Allowing the noise of the mind to soften, bringing you into a deep state of relaxation. If you’re feeling at all anxious or like there’s simply too much energy within you before bed, reach for this crystal. It will also open up the communication lines between your throat chakra and your heart. Pay close attention to your dreams as you work with Chrysocolla and sleep. They may be uncovering patterns that need to be healed or ideas that you should bring into fruition. Chrysocolla naturally heals these energy points, allowing you to fully understand what it is you desire. By allowing the subconscious mind to heal this way, you can open yourself up to a bigger and brighter energy. 

Chrysocolla and Lapis Cocktail: To manifest what you desire, you must first get clear on those desires. The mixture of Chrysocolla and Lapis Lazuli will help to create communication between the heart, throat and third eye, opening a steady stream of conscious energy. Keep these stones on you, meditate with them, do yoga with them and see what is revealed to you. Often what we think we want and what we actually want are two different things. These open lines of communication will reveal to you your gifts and desires and allow you to see how they complement one another.

Keep Calm: If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you know by this point that remaining calm is a key element to remaining in alignment. And being in alignment is how we Manifest our desires. The goal in life is not to get a fancy car, boat, vacation home, etc. The goal is to feel good every single day. Chrysocolla will aid in helping you get to that feeling good state. It’s from the feel-good state that you can ask the universe for the car, the boat, or whatever else strikes your fancy. But it’s about getting into a calm, peaceful place first. Life was not meant to be a struggle, though we will always experience conflict. Life was meant to be enjoyed, explored and playful. 

Heart Chakra Meditation: To Manifest big things you’ve got to get to the heart of it. When you remain stuck in your old stories, stuck in your old pain points, or stuck in trauma from the past it is nearly impossible to move forward. You may witness certain parts of your life transforming but notice that the one main part remains stuck or stagnant. This is where healing the heart chakra comes into play. Our heart chakra is where our love, compassion, and forgiveness is bred. In liberating yourself with these beautiful traits, you can begin to allow your Manifestations to come to life. And it’s all about allowing when it comes to Manifestation. The heart must be open, know what it desires, and allow the universe to do its job as you step out of the way. Chrysocolla will allow you to open up the floodgates.

  • Place your Chrysocolla over your heart chakra, in the centre of your chest.
  • Allow yourself to breathe deeply right into the place you feel its weight on your skin.
  • See yourself inviting in a radiant green light.
  • See this light enveloping your entire body.
  • As you breathe like this begin to envision yourself in a state of forgiveness, compassion and pure unconditional love.
  • Repeat this meditation as often as you feel it’s needed.

Throat Chakra Journal Session: Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t know what you want or you’re unable to voice it for some reason beyond your understanding. When that energy of confusion begins to cloud your judgment place your Chrysocolla on your throat chakra and close your eyes. As you did with your heart chakra meditation begin to breathe into space where you feel the weight of the stone on your neck. Let the breath become fluid and full. Allow yourself to envision a beautiful sky blue light entering on the inhales as it begins to radiate through your entire body. Allow the light to become bigger and bigger as it expands outward, holding you like a cocoon. In this state of energetic breath begin to ask for clarity. Simply ask the universe saying “Universe, I wish for clarity.” Remember not to beg, the universe has your back. Allow this breathing to continue until you feel like you can move on. After your meditation journal anything that came up in the meditation, or may come up afterward. Be open and non-judgemental about anything you write, as some of it may surprise you.


Vika Bradford


It’s been such a treat sharing these tips and tricks with you through the last 8 weeks. I hope you’ve learned something new and are well on your way to Manifesting some major magic in your life. Keep your eyes out for the next collaboration between myself and Spirit Gypsy! We’re always planning and ready to create.

Namaste, friends.