How To Give Crystals As Gifts: The Art of Gifting Crystal Energy

Rose Quartz - How To Give Crystals As Gifts


Gifting crystals can be a great way to share the beautiful energies of a crystal with a friend or loved one. The healing properties of the stone you choose for them can be highly effective and assist in their journey.


How Do You Choose Which Crystals To Gift?

Choosing which crystal to give as a gift can be as impulsive as just picking the stone that jumps out at you, or it can be premeditated with a specific purpose in mind.

Think about choosing a crystal from your personal collection or look far and wide for that perfect stone. Sometimes a crystal will call out to you just asking to be gifted, but don't be surprised if it takes you a little longer to find that perfect crystal to gift. 


What Are The Best Crystals to Give as Gifts?

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a special crystal, and a great stone to choose to gift to family or or those that are near and dear to your heart. Rose Quartz is a bonding stone filled with all kinds of love and healing energy. Gifting this stone can help someone you love with self-love, reassurance, and compassion. This powerful healer can restore trust and harmony.

Most suitable giftees: Mothers, sisters, recent moms, anyone looking to add a little more love and light.



Full of blessings and harmony, Selenite will soothe the stress of day to day life, as well as create a feeling of overall peace. Known for its relaxing and cleansing spirit, it's great for meditation and renewing one's spirit.

Most suitable giftees: Meditators, stressful individuals and peace + light seekers



Amazonite has a powerful ability to assist and boost one's creativity level making it the perfect addition to someone's desk or workspace. The radiating energy of Amazonite promotes the flow of communication, thoughts, and breaks through blockages creating an optimal creative atmosphere.

Most suitable giftees: Artists, creatives, designers, and anyone looking to break barriers with outside the box thinking.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal known for bringing strength and perseverance. This stone helps to keep the mind strong, and sharp. The little flecks of Pyrite that are found throughout Lapis Lazuli will also bring about abundance and perhaps just a little bit of luck. Lapis Lazuli is also great for reconnecting to your spiritual and religious origin.

Most suitable giftees: Someone with chronic illness, a person who just lost someone close, and those looking to connect spiritually.


No matter which crystal you gift someone, whether you understand the calling or not, it will benefit them.  Being a vessel for high vibrational energy, helping crystals to reach their destination is an incredible, rewarding pleasure that can amplify your own personal journey.