Guest Post: Manifestation with Vika Bradford



Manifestation with Vika Bradford

My name is Vika Bradford and I am a Mindset Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Energy Guide. I am obsessed with Manifestation, Energy and Crystal Healing. When I began my journey of healing 7 years ago, I was completely lost and overwhelmed. My eyes were open to a brand new world, and I was suddenly in control. But I lacked the tools or the knowledge to heal my life, so I felt terrified of that control. The first tool I was guided to was Crystal Healing. I began using crystals every single day. I slept with all black crystals under my pillow for protection and grounding (and still do, a lot of the time.) I became a certified crystal healer before any of my other formal training. I knew that there was something powerful in this gems that were born of our earth. 

Let’s talk Manifestation. Manifestation uses universal energy to create your reality based on your desires, beliefs and inspired action. Your thoughts govern the outcome of your world. At its most basic, the Law of Attraction states, ‘You get what you think about whether you like it or not.’ How will you step into your power and begin to Manifest a life worthy of your dreams and desires?

Crystal’s are an abundant source of ever-flowing energy to tap into working with anything and everything, especially Manifestation. Each crystal has its own healing properties to enhance your Manifestation as you begin to work with them. Everything in our universe is just energy, and once we understand that we can begin to harness the higher vibration of tools like crystals to enhance our Manifestation practice. 


holistic yoga manifestation coachPhoto courtesy of Vika Bradford

Step 1: Start with your desire

Step 2: Add a dash of Crystal Magic and select the correct crystal for what you want to Manifest from You can meditate, visualize and create with your crystals

Step 3: Ask. Ask the universe for your desire, and be open. Ask from a place of desire, curiosity, and excitement and NEVER beg. The universe responds to abundance. When you can align with the energy of your desire, that’s when it will Manifest

Step 4: Add in a handful of gratitude every day, all day. Make gratitude lists, think grateful thoughts when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, just be grateful for all that you have. 

Step 5: Allow. You must believe without a shadow of a doubt that your desire is possible and that you are worthy of receiving. The power of Crystal Magic, Mindset and Meditation come in handy here

Don’t know which crystals to choose? Watch this page & mine @vikabradford for a special product coming your way. Get ready to Manifest like the badass you are! Namaste, friends.

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