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Rising Sunlight - Crystal Infused Bath Salt | Crystal Bar Soap

Rising Sunlight - Crystal Infused Bath Salt | Crystal Bar Soap

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Clear Quartz - Calendula Flowers

Wake Up Glowing Like the Sun

Clear Quartz has been revolutionary as a resource on our planet and is used as an essential tool in many items we use daily. This high-frequency mineral has opened our capabilities on this planet and spiritually within our souls. Clear quartz is a universal boost and can enhance the energy around it. It helps us reignite our true identity while showing us the path towards enlightenment. Its ability to amplify the energy around it makes it excellent for manifestation.

Clear quartz contains the full spectrum of light that can supercharge the chakra system centers and helps heal by bringing pure light into your aura. 

Soak your body in the healing benefits of natural yellow rose clay, pure himalayan salt, and calendula flowers.


Approximately 30 oz

Origin: United States

Made With Natural Ingredients

Ingredients: Clear Quartz, Epson Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Yellow Kaolin Clay, Essential Oil, Dried Calendula Flowers

Chakra: Universal Chakras, Crown Chakra

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